Meet Hannah

Hannah Tucker-Flarity

I am a former pastor with a Master of Divinity I still use on occasion.

I am married to Jamie. Together, we make a home with our two daughters, M and E, our dog, Isis, and several beloved outdoor cats that have chosen us. Our 100-year-old house typically contains books, houseplants, coffee, bread, breakfast pastries, and craft beer. I’m a Myers-Briggs INTJ and an Enneagram 8, if you are in to that sort of thing.

I am a writer, spending my time writing memoir/personal essays, theological narrative, and some poetry. Like most, I have a life riddled with trauma, pain, and relentless joy; faith, doubt, grief, and anger. I have often written for myself, processing the experiences of my life and my own skeptical faith, as well as written for the church – sermons, Bible studies, and liturgies. Now I write for you because I know the the healing power of articulating Christ’s presence in our suffering and hope. I enjoy God and sense God’s joy in me when I am writing. I write to share that joy with you. I hope as you read you delight in God and encounter God’s delight in you.

Applying sacred imagination to the stories in Scripture and our lives, I enter into and guide my readers into an embodied life and faith.

The “faith” side of my writings focuses on Jesus – otherwise called “Emmanuel” or “God With Us.” I often engage theology, doctrine, the Church, and the Scripture.

The “embodied” side of my writing has to do with the bodies we inhabit, the days we live, stories we live and share, tell, and re-tell. I engage motherhood, (in)justice, relationships, and other universal and specific life experiences.

I love Instagram, regularly posting my random musings there along with sharing content I find beneficial. I have a hate-a-lot/hate-a-little relationship with Facebook. I have a few published pieces and write a monthly-ish essay on No Ordinary Life.